7 Tips for Writing Your First Blog Post

Most of people ask i want to write a blog where do i start. Blogging and writing requires time and effort with no surefire guarantee that you will get the attention you expected. However, when done right, the result could be rewarding.


It’s important to keep in mind however that before achieving a solid fan base for your blog, creating that first entry matters. It’s your chance to tell the world about who you are and how can help a certain group of your choice.
Take a look at some of the tips we have compiled to help you get started with your first entry and this is how do you write a blog post.

Check for possible competition

With thousands of blogs and being published at a daily basis, it’s no longer a surprise if you see several ones writing about the same topic as you love. Don’t fret. In fact this could be good news. It only means that there is already a sure market for the stuff you wish to share. Your challenge is to get to know the authority bloggers of this niche.

What do they write about? What posts garnered more interaction from the audience?

Call out to your audience

Your first entry is a chance to tell everyone that you are there, ready to provide something of value. As soon as you write your first entry, do not forget to recognize and call for your readers. You may greet them, ask a question, invite them to join your personally designed polls and more.You must know what to write in blog post.

Be wise in using accompanying images or videos

First impression matters and when it comes to gaining a good impression, images and videos are mostly remembered compared to text. Make sure you invest some time planning out the specific media you want to include. They should be relevant, attractive and preferably something you own.
If in case you really have to use a stock photo that belongs to someone else, be sure you don’t forget to attribute it to the source.

Craft a killer headline.

They say that if you don’t get the attention of your readers for the first eight seconds as they read your title, they will most likely not continue reading the content of your post. Of course, quality content is very important and as a blogger, it’s your obligation to provide it to your audience.
However, be sure not to forget to provide significant focus on the title.

Invest time in editing your content.

There is no substitute to editing. Unfortunately, many beginning bloggers seem to disregard its importance and just automatically hit ‘publish’ without rereading their work. While there’s no rule saying that you can’t do this, even seasoned bloggers agree that proofreading does a lot of benefit in making your output even better. Don’t forget to edit.

Provide a strong call-to-action.

In a nutshell, call-to-action is that one thing that tells your readers what to do next. After you have given then something, what do you hope for them to do next? A strong CTA (call-to-action) eventually moves audience to act. Make sure you create a good one.

Don’t forget to add the social media plugins.

Last but not the least, provide an avenue where they could share your content. Social media sharing is basically the most effective method to reach more audience. Best thing is, you don’t need to do much of the work. Granted that you create a compelling first blog post, readers will be the one to share it to their friends and so on.
Your first post matters because it gives your target audience their first impression on who you are. Take note of the tips we mentioned above and start writing your knockout blog post!

Author Bio:
Christine de Guzman is a freelance writer for Optimind Digital, a digital agency in the Philippines that provides digital marketing services. She writes articles with different topics like technology and SEO. Aside from writing, she also enjoy traveling out of town with her family and friends.

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