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5 Tips to improve your website rank

Five tips to rank your website

Ranking up your website is a great problem now a days due to so  much Competition there are hundred and thousand of websites on the same topic so how can you improve your website and get in on the top so I will give you Five tips through which you can improve your website rank


1: Publish Good Content

Good quality content is the first thing that will help you to bring up your website the good content you will post more chances will be there for your website to be ranked because people always want good and quality content.Chose a keywords for your post and repeat it several times in your post as heading or in bold words and in simple content this will also help your rank to be improved.

2: update you Website

Update your website regularly because you will notice the day you have updated your website the performance of that day will be much better than the other day when you don’t have updated your website.

3: Metadata

Meta tags are used to tell what your website is about or what your post is about you should add Metadata tags in your website while coding or if you are using any CMS like WordPress or Blogger they are already set by the coders now there are then types of Metadata about which you have to care

     * Title Metadata
title MetaData is the first and most important thing this is used for the title of the page you have to add this in all your pages if you are using and CMD it will be already set

     * Description Metadata
Description Metadata tells about a what or post that what is it used for you what things dose this page contains.It help in searching you website but if you are using any CMS they are already set

      * keywords Metadata
Now keywords are the words or lines which people type to search your website or and article like if I want to search this post in Google I will search “5 Tips To improve your website rank” now what you have to do is just use these keywords several time to get your website rank on these keywords but don’t be much greedy because if you will use these more then limits they will be neglected while searching  you use it 5 to 6 times only.

4:Worthy Links

Try to add worthy links in your titles instead of add click here to see this articles.There are no searches for Click Here and instead in Click here you can add title or the Keyword on your article like “5 tips to improve website rank” these thing will help you more because instead of you less thing we can add those things which gives us benefits.

5:Use alt Tags

Always use alt tags while posting any video or picture to you website in any article because there are many text base browsers and these tags help search engines to know about the picture or video you have added

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