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SEO is most important thing for getting your website on first page of Google for those who are blogging should have knowledge about SEO.There is no need to be expert in SEO for getting your website on first page of Google but you should have little amount of knowledge on SEO this knowledge will help you in getting your website index in search engines.First you should know What is SEO and for what dose it stand for then you can further study about SEO.


What is SEO

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization.It is the process of getting traffic from search engines with the help of SEO you can Get On the First Page of Google and suppose your result are on First page of Google you will get traffic or not ? defiantly you will get huge amount of traffic.well the is what SEO is for now you can realize the importance of SEO for blogs/websites.

Ways To Get On the First Page of Google

Getting on first page of Google in not a cup of tea but for those who are expert in SEO they can easily bring there website/blog on first page of Google.In this article i will tell you How Can You Get On The First Page of Google those points which i will tell you will not make you a SEO expert but will be able to bring your website on first page for those keywords which have low competition Quality is king this is true but SEO dose not depends upon only quality yes quality has its own importance but there are few thing that you should always have keep in mind those things are given below.

Importance of Keywords

Keywords have a lot of importance in SEO when you write a post i suggest you to first chose a keyword which you want to rank on Google. For Example If you are writing a post on SEO well it is very difficult to bring this keyword on top but i am giving just a example if you want to rank a key word which is SEO you will have to use this keyword several time in your article but you will have to write it in limits.Now as we have selected the keyword SEO so we will use the keyword in our Post Title as in this article my title is Get On the First Page of Google so you should have SEO keyword in your post title to rank it in Google.Now once we have used our keyword in post title now we will also add that keyword in our subheadings like Importance of keywords

now if you have used your keyword in subheading now use that keyword in simple plain text in the article two or three times this will also help you to Get On the First Page of Google.

Importance of Backlinks

backlinks have also great importance to Get On the First Page of Google.First let me tell you what are backlinks. Backlinks are the hyper links which are pointing towards your website from another website these are very important and backlinks will help you a lot to Get On the First Page of Google your should always try to backlink with those websites which have good rank in Google and try to make edu and Govt sites backlinks these are building blocks of website they help you to get traffic backlinks also helps to increase Google page rank of your website/Blog .If no one is visiting your page then there is only single option to get people is by backlinking your pages with other page they why backlinks are importance

Importance of Social Media

Social Media have a great importance in getting huge amount of traffic strongly suggest to use social media too for getting traffic the articles you publish share them on Facebook , twitter , linkedin etc creat a fan page for your website and a group too and share all of your stuff over there also make a twitter account and increase your no. of followers these social media are a great source of traffic

Length of Your Posts

many of people ask me that how much long there article/post should be so i would like to add this thing in this article well this is important too for traffic you post should be minimum 300 words because in small posts you can not use proper keywords etc so you should post a article which have at least 300 words if you Google any thing the articles you would see on top will be defiantly more than 300 words and al ways try to write simple and user friendly post the will also increase your users because they can easily understand your wording

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