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Do you want to start a blog and create a online business ? if yes keep reading this article is for you.



If you are new to blogging and you don’t have any idea about blogging or how can you make a blog then i will suggest you to read the below article so that you may have some info about blogging.


So i am here for those who don’t know how to create a blog . i have an offer i will create blog for you and this service will be free of cost.


Now let me explain. you must be thinking why this person is doing it for free.

Well listen !

While creating a blog you need two things which are necessary


You must have to buy these before starting a blog. so i am going to provide my service to those people who will buy Hosting from my affiliate link which is given below.

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Now see for creating a blog you mush have hosting and a domain you can buy these from any where and then pay any person to setup a blog. but in my case you don’t have to pay for setting up your blog you just have to pay for hosting to Hostgator and i’ll be setting up your blog for free.


Hosting will cost you same either you buy it from my affiliate link or not. But if you will buy hosting from my affiliate link plus point for you will be that you will get my free service.Click Below link to buy hosting from my affiliate link.

Buy Hosting Now.

So if you have bought hosting and a domain name. Now what you have to is Just contact me ( Click here to contact me ). and let me know that you have bought hosting from my affiliate link. i will also get an email from Hostgator that you have bought hosting so confirmation wouldn’t be difficult . you will have to send me your domain admin panel if you haven’t connected it to hosting and your c-panel login information provided by hostgator and a working email address.


Now i will setup your blog. I will install WordPress and i will add all necessary plugins which a website need for good performance. You will get all details in email that what i am going to add to your website and when you site will be ready.

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