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5 Types Of Posts That Gets The Most Shares

5 Types Of Posts That Gets The Most Shares

If you are working hard on your blog and trying to wrote the best content you can and you are providing the best knowledge but still not getting that response you want neither you got much visitors nor you articles are being shared or liked.So today in this article I am going to tell you 5 Types of posts that get the most shares

List Posts

List posts are the most successful post from all other posts because of there awesome heading these posts
consist of the main heading and a small detailed paragraph on it there are the post which gets the most shares if you will search my blog you will find the most of my posts are list posts

Free Guides

The type of posts which consist of free guides also get the most shares and like because of guidance they have and almost every one search for a guide in beginning and these type of posts also have quality information these type of posts consist of a simple guide suppose you are expert in Search Engine Optimization the what you have to do  is write a guide on search engine optimization for beginning so that they could know what is SEO and all that and at the end just write if you like our post share it


interviews are also important and they get a lot of shares too but about interviews you should keep one thing in mind that interview those people which are much famous because you will get shares when other people know the person whom you have interviewed in interview you can simply ask question like what is you education and when did you started your work etc all these question depend upon the person you are interviewing

Featuring Someone

Featuring Someone is similar to interviewing someone but the difference is you do not have to ask question from that person you just simply have to get all the knowledge about that person write a post and then simple let him know that i have posted about you

Group Interviews

Group interviews get the most shares because in Group Interviews you just ask same question from different experts and post there answers with there names on your website the definitely al of the are good in there field so people will definitely share those posts and will read that this will give you good traffic too


So these were the posts will get the most shares while writing make sure that you are publishing good content and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below

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