os headphones v2 review

What’S up guys, this is an unboxing of the os headphones v2, so they’re, basically a very similar headphone to the airport, but only 40 dollars. I bought it all to do a unboxing article for you guys. You know because when you see a deal like that a lot of times, you think it’s too good to be true, so I’m here to do an unboxing and review them for you, and this is the box.

os headphones v2 review

It comes in. Pretty nice box got a manual. That’S always good to have give the charging cable. The lightning cable gives you an extra charger to connect your iPhone 4 iPhone to so that’s always good yeah.

They look very, very good yeah. They look very nice sizes. You know very close to the airports as well. I actually bought all the colors, so I could review it.

I’Ve already used the black ones that I’ve given me using them every day, they’re, actually very good. Obviously, the sound quality isn’t gon na give you $ 200 headphone sound qualities, but for the price they’re very good and here’s the other colors that I bought was the red one. They had very little pictures, so I thought I’d buy all the colors and review them for you guys just so. Everyone gets a better look at them.

They didn’t do a great job with all the pictures Redden’s look like this is, I think it was called mint. These are all really really nice. I don’t close pretty nice. These did take like two to three weeks to get here, so I mean before you buy them, know that it’s not gon na be a two or three day thing.

It does take a little longer to get here, but it is definitely worth $ 40. The price is – and this is the black one – that’s Stephanie what the price you pay, but again you know you’re paying $ 40, don’t expect it to be $ 200 headphones. But I would definitely buy these again and I don’t

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