New York Institute Of Technology : 5 Things You May Not Know

The New York Institute of Technology has 15,000 students with campuses in New York and around the world. Here we come with 5 things of NYIT that you don’t know before. Without wasting any time lets start the article.

1: Distance Learning Labs

NYIT uses distance learning labs to connect its new york-based campus classrooms and conference with its global campuses. The DL rooms include a two-way audio article multimedia presentation, with fiber-optic capabilities and yit SDL rooms use technology to bring the world closer to you.

2: NYCOM Cafeteria

If you’re on the old westbury campus and need a place to relax and grab a cup of coffee between classes, try the cafeteria on the second floor of the Ryland academic health care center, it’s not just for Nikon students. All students are free to come in, get a bite to eat or enjoy some Dunkin Donuts coffee.

3: Auditorium on Broadway

NYIT Auditorium on Broadway is located at the Manhattan campus near Lincoln Square and Columbus Circle newly renovated from an old movie theater. The nine thousand square foot venue is perfect for a film screening festival, private party or press conference. The state-of-the-art auditorium can hold up to two hundred and sixty-two people and is fully equipped with high-definition article conferencing capabilities.

4: Community Service Centre

NYIT encouraged students to get involved in the community to help develop professionalism.
NYIT has recently developed two student-run community service centers, one located on the Manhattan campus and the other on the Old Westbury campus.

The community service center is the place where students can find services, activities, organizations or post their own opportunities. The community service centers planned various events. Such as toy drives AIDS awareness cranes for Japan, chap partners program and much much more to find out about volunteer opportunities available visit a community service center locations.

5: Gallery 61

NYIT is not all about the technology. The college also takes pride in supporting the Arts.

Here we finish our ”┬áNew York Institute Of Technology : 5 Things You May Not Know ” article.

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