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Make A verified PayPal account and get a free master card

As all of you are well familiar with the name PayPal it’s a great service for those who are doing online shopping. Almost every online shopping website has an option to pay through PayPal there are many people who need PayPal account but the real problem for them is to verify it specially in Pakistan but now worries for you because you are on write place in this article I am going to tell you the whole procedure that how can you make a verified PayPal account. Once you will get a verified PayPal account you will be able to shop online easily without any problems.
Make A verified PayPal account
Now before starting the process to get verified you should have a little bit information about Payoneer well it is a website which provide you service of master cards they send master card to every one for free who register on their website but they charge free for activating it and they will get $30 per year which is very less as compare to their service which they provide and second great thing about Payoneer is that they also provide you a US bank account which we will use for out benefit so let’s start now.

How to make a payoneer account

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Make A verified PayPal account


#1 Click the sign up button and you will be redirected to Payoneer registration form Fill the form with you original identity because they will ask you for a copy of you Govt. Id card or driving license whatever you will use(Note: you must be +18).
 Sign Up
#2 Now after completion of registration you will receive an e-mail telling you that you will receive you master card on this date to this (depends upon your country).
#3 Now within the dates provided by payoneer you will receive you master card when you will get it log in to your payoneer and verify you card by typing the card number in you payoneer and set your pin code too.

Now we have completed our half journey towards getting a verified PayPal account now it’s time to create a PayPal account

How to make a PayPal account

#1 Go to PayPal.com and sign up there as PayPal service is not available in many countries so you can use FakeNameGenerator.com to provide US identity but remember you have to use your real name which you have used during payoneer sigh up.
Make A verified PayPal account
#2 Now once you have sign up it’s time to verify your PayPal account login to your PayPal account and click on get verified and after clicking you will be redirected to next page asking for the way you want to use to get verified so there you have to choose through bank and choose US bank.
#3 Now log in to you payoneer there you will see receive payments in above menu bar from there navigate to US payment Profile now this is you US bank information and you have to fill it in the forum which is provided to you by payoneer you can withdraw the money from it by using you master card.
Make A verified PayPal account
#4 Here you will see your US bank account information fill this information in your PayPal account and save it now PayPal will send you a very small amount of money in you payoneer US bank account.
#5 Within two to three days you will receive that payment in your payoneer US bank account which is sent by PayPal now you have to write the amount of money in your PayPal account to verify your US bank account. Write the amount of money in you PayPal account which you have received in your US bank account and Congratulation you have verified you PayPal account as you are now owner of a verified PayPal account so enjoy online shopping or for whatever purposes you what to use it go ahead.

At the end I would like to say if you have any confusion do comment below and ask about you problem I will love to answer them and if you have any other way of verifying do share with us. Hoping that you have like my article I would be glade know if you will notify me weather you have like it or not thanks for being here take care of you that’s enough for this article.

This Method is Not Working Now ! Expired ! I will not verify your PayPal account but you can get free MasterCard!

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