9 Interactive Elements in e-Learning

e-Learning is the buzzword now, where the current scenario demands to titivate your models for online training. Getting searched in the first place demands to revolutionize your services and tools and making them more interactive for all kinds of audiences and consumers, the approach that is used is Search Engine Marketing. Yes there are a lot of e-learning advantages and disadvantages but it has more advantages.

With an electrifying competition in this e-commerce sector, most online training providers are overly investing their time, efforts and capital in creating the most appealing websites and offering better services. But still they are unable to hit the right target, on time, which results in less traffic and fewer conversions. The teams should focus on compelling students, professionals and colleges stop by and become an important part of your business and sales.

Here is a rundown of creative and profitable features learning websites can incorporate and implement for bigger and better sales.

Powerful and Precise Content:

Content is the heart of online businesses. Keep a check on the quality and quantity of the content you post and publish on your website. Use influential taglines and convey your message in the most precise and clear manner.

Use images, videos and audios:

Visual tools engage users on a larger level as not everyone is interested in reading only the text but want to understand things through images and videos. They also make your website superior for both business and user’s point of view, it also helps in getting the traffic from social media websites, you can learn it by social media marketing training. Since you are providing training courses to the global audience, users judge your website on conceptual and logical aspects, and graphics can bring the most creative on the screen.

Divide your sessions into short segments:

Lengthy and endless learning sessions bore learners; they lose their interest after a couple of minutes. Focus on segmenting your modules into short segments with lots of real-world examples keeping them glued to the screen.

Present Your Content through Inforgraphics:

They are easy to understand as well as present the facts and figures using pictures, which is yet another interactive way of involving more consumers and learners.

Course Revision:

Make sure your course curriculum is updated with current trends and technologies.Further, keep introducing new and latest technology courses to your website to display your concern for learners and your interest how up-to-date imparting training. You can even upgrade the already existing courses according to latest versions.

User-friendly Website:

End-users and online shoppers loathe beating around the bush. The website should be user-friendly and land perfectly on the relevant pages. Extra page loading time aggravate consumers and force them to leave without buying anything.

Share real-time success stories and maintain forums:

Share some genuine customer’s success stories on the websites in your blogs and reviews. This will elicit emotional responses from learners and will help them personally relate to their professional experiences. Maintain a discussion forum comprising technical topics and related, which will help your learners connect with one another and improve their knowledge base.

Include some quick puzzles and quizzes:

Until the users decide what course they want to purchase, engage them in some rapid quizzes and puzzles that are interesting enough to bend their minds. Offer them discounts and cashback by the scores they earned. Being an e-learning portal, it is important to enable the audience to learn and earn anytime.

Trouble-free Navigation:

The easy navigation for a training course lets learners move through the content easily. Proper placement of hyperlinks, menu and headings guide them appropriately.


Keeping a good balance between all these methods of interactive learning, you can motivate audiences and gain an edge over competitors. Remember to be as relevant and precise as you can, removing the random topics and subtract subjects from your e-learning website.

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