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7 Reasons Why Infographics Are A Saviour For Your SEO Campaign

What Are Infographics?

Before considering how important of an asset Infographics are for SEO designing, it is essential to learn what they actually are. Infographics are visual representation of service model for the purpose of knowledge sharing. For conveying ideas to visitors, relevant and highlighted information is presented in a graphical manner where images are used along with text to grab their attention.


Infographics have been termed as an effective method to convey information quickly and more effectively as compared to lengthy descriptions.


What many people ignore is the fact that such Infographics can be utilized and made more effective by encouraging links. While planning an SEO strategy, consider following reasons why you should opt for Infographics:

1. Infographics Can Be Shared


Infographics are easy-to-understand and shareable. All you need to do is to make them attractiveand interesting for the target audience and simply wait till it gets viral on social media.The more people share your link, more will you get visitors on your page through links. The mostinfluencing factor while designing Infographics should be the visitors’ interest because if you fail to capture it, then they will not share it and the Infographics will serve no purpose for your business.


2. Easier To Track


Whether you have used embedded codes or not, it is very easy to track Infographics. You can get all relevant information from the analytics as they can help you find out the number of clicks and page views along with view time. You can also easily measure the volume of traffic that is generated through Infographics.

3. Infographics As News-jacking Tools

The Infographics are good for this purpose because they help editors with useful points when they are working on a new story. Infographics are more essentially an important tool for data analysis and release.

4. Infographics Do Not Necessarily Need To Be Expensive

If you are hesitating from hiring somebody for providing you with attractive Infographics for your page due to financial restrictions, don’t be anymore. With the popularity of Infographics, many freelance graphic designers agree to create Infographics at cheaper rates. All you need to do is to provide them with the researched content that you want to include in your page’s Infographics. Just like students rely on masters thesis writers for academic problems, you can rely on expert freelancing graphic designers for your Infographics and relax.


5. You Can Get Credit From The Journalists


Though you might be taking statistics from some other reliable source, if your Infographics get viral on internet, the journalists and audience will be quoting those statistics via your reference. You may gain popularity and exposure in masses indirectly through the information that you use in Infographics. So, be very particular about the kind of information you select to include in Infographics and be sure about their reliability as well.


6. Visual Format Makes Understanding Easy

A human brain is not able to register large numbers and data. Therefore, Infographics is a great way to convey statistics in an effective manner. If we talk in terms of psychology, visual aids have higher mnemonic and pedagogic value, so you can also use Infographics to explain complex ideas, big numbers, statistics and facts.

7. Infographics To Build Subscribers And Followers

You can use Infographics as your marketing tool. As soon as your Infographics go viral, it creates branding opportunities for your company. All you need to do is simply place your logo or company’s name on the image and provide a link to your page so that people may find a way to visit your page and become a follower.

Using Infographics can definitely add value to the SEO campaign of your company. So, wait no longer and get working on creating attractive and interesting Infographics for your webpage to maximize the number of visitors and followers.

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