How To Make Your Twitter Private Account

Hey All its me again with a brand new article and in this article in am going to explain how to make your twitter private. I know you have seen many accounts asking for permission that this account is private and you need to be allowed by the owner of this account to receive tweets.


How To Make Your Twitter Private Account

So in this article i am going to show you step by step how can you do the same. Just follow the below steps.

Step 1:
Login to your twitter account.

Step 2:
On the right upper corner you will see your profile picture click on that and you will see a drop down menu.

Step 3:
On that drop down menu you will see Setting option click on that.

Step 4:
Once you have opened setting tab now on the left side you will see different options there you have to click Security and Privacy.

Step 5:
Now in Security and Privacy you will see privacy option and there you have to click Protect my Tweets.

Step 6:
After selecting protect my tweets scroll below and click save button.

Congratulation you are done. Now any one who will follow you wouldn’t get your tweets until you approve them. If this article helped don’t forget to share with you friends.

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