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How To Make Money in College Or School

If you are a student then you must be thinking to increase your pocket money.Here in this article i have few ways through which your can make money while studying.Most of students don’t have enough pocket money for their enjoyment so best way is to earn your self.



How to make money in college or School:

Well you are a student and you want money. now there are two ways through you can get money one by working which is difficult for students.You can’t go to workshop and work there it is very hard.Second source is your parents but all parents are not the same so what to do now.Simple there is a way and that is by working online.
Now working online also requires skill but there are few way which you can use and those are not much difficult.Below i will tell your the best one which suites students and i love that work too.i will tell you can you do it while studying.



Yes you have read it correctly its blogging. I know you will say its very difficult and requires a lot of skill for writing article and all that stuff but let me explain.You are a student right now what can you have to so is very simple.You don’t have to find a lot of niches etc simple you can write articles on your subjects you study.


If you are studying Chemistry, Physic and Biology and you can use them as your blog topics.If you had a lecture in your class about atom so now what you have to do is simply write a blog post in your own words explaining you today lecture.
So you can write at lease three articles daily on these three topics. You can apply this to any subject you are studying but make sure you have written every thing in your own wordings.Blogging is actually very simple people make it difficult.These were small tips from me for students hope you all have liked.Share it with your friends and so that they can also get benefits.

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