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What is Adsense and How does adsense work

Many of you are well familiar with google adsense many on people are earning their lively hood through it many of my friends are earning $400 to 500$ every month and If you will search about top earners you will find that they are earning millions so why don’t you Try but before going towards it you should know what is google adsense and how dose adsense work in this article I will be showing you How does adsense work because many of people are searching and few have said me too to write an article on How does adsense work.

What is adsense?

It is a program or you can say product which is introduced by Google which help blogger and website owners to earn money thorough their websites of blogs

Who is Eligible?

A person who is have a blog weather it is hosted on blogger, WordPress or self-hosted WordPress etc. but it must full fill google policies.

How much you can earn from adsense

Well it depends upon your traffic from where it is coming, how much it is coming or which keywords you are using. But you have to be patient if you want to earn because it takes time I myself didn’t earned much for first 4 to 5 months people are earning 500 to 600 $ per month too. There are also many people who haven’t earned anything and left say that grapes are sour so conclusion is that this will take a lot of time but you will earn because I have my own experience.

How does adsense work?

Well working of adsense is pretty simple or you can say how it will pay you and yes you must know how does adsense works if you want to use it there are two ways through which it pays you.

#1 through page impressions

#2 through clicks


Page Impressions

This payment is based on the number of page views you have on you website.


This payment is based on no. of clicks you are having on your ads if you are having more clicks you will defiantly earn more.

Explanation how does adsense works

Now let me tell you in details how does google adsense works well suppose you have a website and you are showing ads on that website or blog and you are also getting a large amount of traffic on that website you will get paid for the number on impressions or page views you are having on that website depending upon your keyword cost and if someone will click on the ads you are displaying you will also get paid for that. Traffic is the only source if you want to earn from it. Never ever buy traffic on your website because you will got banned. Google knows everything about your traffic sources from where it is coming and how ads are being clicked. So try to get original traffic though Search engines for this SEO will help you a lot and best of luck for your future and if you want to ask anything feel free to comment below in comments sections.I have found an image from Google about how does adsense work you can see that image for more information.


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