Homemade Cat Food: Easy to Cook

Today, I’m gonna show you how to make the healthiest cat food in the world. This isn’t like the typical raw food giant you hear about with people which is fruits and vegetables and nothing being cooked. This is actually raw meat and organs and things that calves are naturally supposed to eat because they are carnivorous creatures.
That said, if you’re easily grossed out by ground-up meat and organs and bones and things, then this article may be a little squeamish for you. I’Ll be honest, I think this food is incredibly gross every time I make it, but it’s not for me it’s for my cat and you have to respect what they are supposed to eat. Now you totally have the option to buy raw cat food. They do have it in pet specialty stores and it’s usually in the frozen or refrigerated section, but it is probably five or six times the price, if not more than what we’re gon na make today now one thing you will need at home if you want to Make this raw cat food is a high power blender or if a chance you have a meat grinder.
You can use that as well. Now, if you go to a private butcher, I’m not sure if they can grind up the bones, but at my supermarket I get this done it at Publix, which is like the southeast us. They will not grind up the bones, but they will grind up everything else and you don’t have to worry about that, and that saves a lot of time. Okay, let’s get started so here’s what you’re going to need to work with you’re going to need a giant bowl, one medium-sized bowl, a whisk, another small, bowl or Tupperware.
This is going to be to put the egg whites because we’re only going to use egg yolks, as you will see, measuring spoons, a liquid measuring cup and a high-power blender. I use my Vitamix, so the first thing I’m gon na do is dump all of this meat into the bowl. Something else I want to point out. That’S really important is that you have to make this as soon as you get home.
If not the same day, you get the meat. I have admittedly, made the mistake of buying everything to make this food and then not giving myself the time to make it for two days I mean Tech’s are freaking smart, so he knows and it’s like he wouldn’t touch the food. It just wasn’t fresh enough and he wouldn’t touch it, and then I had to just go get everything all over again after making him 2 to 3 weeks worth of food, which is what this batch make their slides out. I try not to touch it.
I wasn’t kidding this grosses me up, but I love my cat. So it’s the things you do so this is all set. I’M gon na go wash my hands. I wash my hands a lot during this process.
What I do next is, I fill this up with 1 cup of water and that’s what we’re going to need a supplements. We are going to include our taurine powder, vitamin E powder salmon oil capsules, vitamin b-complex, capsules, light salt. You want to make sure it’s light. Salt, because it is different than regular salt and a lysine, this actually isn’t a necessity, like the other things.
Are I added this because my cat does get weepy eyes, which is a sign of cat herpes which, like over 90 % of the cat population, has if your cat has weepy eyes or like discharge coming from his or her eyes to where it gets kind of Crusty sometimes, then lysine is something that you can even add to your cats, regular food just a little bit and it helps with those symptoms, human tip. If you get cold, sores or warts, or anything like that or actually shingles, then incorporating lysine, I would say, maybe 500 to 1,000 milligrams a day can actually help alleviate those symptoms. So fun fact for you, you will also need four egg yolks. So that’s why we have this spare bowl, I’m going to put the wipes into this bowl to use later and just make maybe an omelet or something for myself and put the yolks into this bowl.
So we have our four yolks in to these yolks. We are going to add all of these powdered supplements and again I will put all of the measurements in the link below by the way for the vitamin B, you want to make sure that you either get a powder or you get these veggie caps that you Can open up and just dump the powder into this mixture? So now we’re just going to add. Maybe a half a third to a half of this water into here and give it a whisk you’re going to put this aside for right now and grind up our bones. So the Vitamix is here and ready to go.
We’Re going to open this up and put about 75 % of the bones into the Vitamix okay, so now for the grossest part of this whole process, probably when we grind up the bones in here until they are completely ground down, I actually add a little bit Of water, to give it some help. Needless to say, I wash and sanitize the crap out of this when I’m done doing this so now, what I do is, I actually add this egg yolk mixture into the blender spring it down just a little bit. One more time: alright, that’s that looks like that pink slime, crap we heard about on the news a while ago. So what we’re gon na do next is bring this back into the picture and dump all of this glorious, pink slime into the meat.
So a little trick that I do to really get all of this, because I hate when stuff is wasted in the container is take the rest of your water. Whatever is left, pour it in here and then you’re going to do the highest possible speed on the blender, which is similar to actually how you clean it out with soap and water, but we’re going to do highest possible speed which will get all of these. Last little bits and I’ll pour it in here, okay see so then we pour all of this in here. So the last thing we’re gon na do before mixing this.
All up is put in the salmon oil capsules, get a sharp knife and you just want to pierce the end of one of them very carefully. And then you just squeeze the oil out here, be careful when you’re doing this, because you might squirt yourself with salmon. Well and end up smelling like fish all day, and now we just mix it takes at least two minutes of solid mixing to really get things incorporated, all right, it’s all mixed up, and now we just separate this into eight to ten. I think these are 16-ounce.
Tupperware’S, as you can see, I don’t fill these up all the way at all, and that’s because I have one in the fridge and I put the rest in the freezer, because you are not going to want to keep this raw meat in the fridge for two To three weeks, and once they get down to about a quarter of whatever’s in the fridge, I put one from the freezer into the fridge to thaw out because it takes about 12 hours or so, and then we keep going like that. We really didn’t dirty that many dishes, but you really want to make sure that you clean everything very, very well and also wipe your counters down after messing with all of this raw cat, goodness alright, guys. That is how you make raw cat food. Hmm! Okay! If you liked this article remember to click the thumbs up below and also subscribe to my blog, if you want to see more articles on health, fitness, nutrition recipes, stress management and now apparently, cats stuff, if you’d like to learn more about cat stuff, including the recipe In this article just go to the puppy show, com I’ll also leave a link in the article below and click on, my diet and that’s where you’ll find everything regarding this recipe.
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Alright, all of that being said, if you have any questions about anything, please leave it in the comments below or if you want to see exactly how I portion the food out and feed him day to day.

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