Google Nest Hub Max Review 2020

Google’S smart speakers and displays are some of the best on the market and the nest hub, maxes its latest option. It brings a bigger size, better speakers and a new feature too, but is it worth two hundred and twenty nine dollars? Let’S take a closer look thanks for watching nine-to-five Google be sure to hit the like button subscribe and enable notifications, so you’ll miss our latest uploads. The nest hub max looks a lot like last year’s nest hub, which was originally called the home hub.
This time around, though the product is much bigger with a 10-inch display that makes it better for movies and YouTube videos as well as recipes in the kitchen. The bigger footprint also makes room for better speakers they’re louder and clearer than what you find on the nest hub and a dedicated woofer on the back means that the low ends are pretty good too. Of course, all of Google assistance standard features are here too, including smart, home controls, music and podcasts, and much more, if you can do it on a Google home. It works here.

But the real standout feature on the nest hub max is its camera. It works for duo, video calls, of course, but it’s also used for a feature called face match. This can recognize your face and those in your household too and customize the experience and provide reminders when you glance at the device it makes the assistant very proactive and also helps if you have multiple people on the same home, instead of just relying on voice match. Facematch can also be used when displaying personalized content.

Now, if the camera concerns you from a privacy angle, it can easily be turned off, along with the microphone with a physical switch on the back of the device, there’s also a toggle in the software that lets. You turn off the camera alone, but it would have been nice if there was a physical slider that covered up the camera. Now, Google also makes it possible to use the nest hub max as a nest security camera. But it’s really far from ideal.

The angle of the camera means it can’t see the floor and the lack of an IR light means it can’t see in a dark room at all. Now is the nest hub max worth $ 229. We’Ve got more details in our full review on 95 linked in the video description, but I can say it’s definitely worth it for a lot of people.
Of course, the smaller nest hub is also often on sale. So it’s all a matter of what features you value most and how much you want to spend.

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