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7 Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners To Make Money

Here in this article i will explain a bit about Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners if you have no skill still you can do these jobs. Because there is no rocket science in freelancing as you preform your own work in place of that you are doing it for others.


Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

Freelancing is one of the best way of online earning and its scope in increasing day by day. Most of people are not capable of doing work and that’s where freelancers comes in.Well lets say you want to create a website and you have no idea how to do that now what you will do ? Absolutely you will find some one who can do that well that person is freelancer.


Now there are a lot of jobs available for freelancers who are good at their work.  Because everyone want the best person to do their work. So this is why beginners don’t get any job online.

The Platform which i will suggest where you can get a job is fiverr.

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Today i have come up with 7 writing jobs for beginners because almost everyone can do data entry work so lets start.

Article Writing

earn money writing articles
Well in my eyes article writing is one of the easiest thing even a beginner can write an article.If you have never written an article before let me tell you how to do that because you can earn money writing articles.>In article writing all you have to do is explain your reader what you already know.and believe me its really easy.If you can write articles writing companies can hire you easily more ever you can do essay writing jobs too.


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If you are linked with blogging and SEO stuff then there is a great opportunity for you because people are searching seo article writing service you can easily be hired by them. Fiverr is best source where you can start.You can also try seoclerk.

Product Review Jobs

get paid to write reviews
You can also write reviews of products. Because owner of products look for positive reviews so that they get more sales because those positive reviews increase the value of their product.You can review products for amazon or any other Site which offer products.You will get paid to write reviews all you have to do is simply write a good review about any product which have provided by the owner.
Most of people get paid to review products amazon because amazon is a huge market of produce owners you can contact any of them. More ever you can place a gig on fiverr and get a job.
Mobile App Reviews


get cash for apps review
Mobile app reviews are also good but for that you must have an IOS and Android app store account because these two platforms are famous.Most of developers buy app reviews because it helps them to increase their app ratings.So good thing is you can get cash for apps review by offering those reviews to developers.
Best place to find a job for reviews is fiverr because its best place for beginners to start with.

Data Entry Jobs

data entry job description
In my eyes data entry jobs are the easiest because all you have to do is just type. one bad thing about these jobs is that they take a lot time but if you no skills than these jobs are best for you. if you google online data entry jobs from home you will find a lot of website providing data entry jobs you can signup for one of those and start working but my suggestion is to start with fiverr.
Before you start working make sure you know data entry job description like what you have to do and how much you will get paid etc.because it will help you to avoid that work which pays less and get more.

Ebook Writing

tips for writing an ebook
E-books writing is also a good source of earning. Good thing in this work is that most of time you clients will provide you all data the only thing you have to do is just arrange that data and combine that in form of an ebook. Before you start ebook writing make sure you learn few tips for writing an ebook from google. Because it will help you a lot in you working.

About Page for Website

About Page for Website

Another work you can easily do is writing about page for websites. Most of people want awesome about us page you can just have a look at few websites about pages and get an example what type of pages are people using.

After that try to create a unique page for your clients. Because people love unique things.You can easily get a job if you will create a fiverr gig for designing about page.

Privacy Policy Page

Privacy Policy Page
Same as About us page Privacy page is similar You can simply offer others to write privacy policy for their website or product best place to offer this service is fiverr as explained above in all jobs.


Well at the end i will like to say all these writing jobs can do good on fiverr you can take these a fiverr gig ideas because all of these are hot selling gigs on fiverr. you can also user other freelancing websites. If you have already used other websites then great you can start today.
If you know other writing jobs let me know in below comment section and you can also inform me if these were helpful for you.Are you already earning online ? if yes let me know or if this is you first try do comment below.

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