Merits and Demerits of Freelance Writer versus Permanent

In this digital marketing industry, content writers have got great value. People often think content writer’s jobs are very easy as we have an option as a freelance writer. If you want to become a big professional writer and you are confused which one to go for, whether a freelance one or the permanent one, then this article is the right choice for you. Go through this article of mine and get clear, on how, when and where, you want to work as a writer.


Merits and Demerits of Freelance Writer versus Permanent


Merits of Freelance Writer

Working as a freelance writer lets you feel ultimate freedom. This is because employers are not going to keep tight hold of you.  If you are still not sure on which field you want to write, you can try out companies of different industries as a trial piece sitting at home. You can always select what you want to do and when you want to do. You are not bound by any single company.  If you have gained both qualities as well as quantity experience, then you yourself can demand your salary to the companies you want to work for. Since you are alone working at home without anyone’s pressure, so, you are your own master and you don’t have anyone to poke you about your work again and again.
Since in freelance writing, you are not bound by any company bond, so in case if you think that the work does not suit you, or if you do not like the company, you can quit the job and go for another whenever you want.  Working as a freelancer for any company can be a trial period for you. You can decide on whether to work or not with the particular company in permanent by working with them as a freelancer initially.


You will never be affected by the politics going on in the office. Because you will just go whenever necessary, finish up your work and then be in your own world. In freelancing, you work for a lot number of people, which helps you expand your network in the industry. If in the case in future, you have to get any new job, your network will be a great help for you.  If you work as a freelancer, you can simultaneously work for multiple numbers of employers. You will not be bound by a single employer for your whole day.


Income in freelancing is always more than that of an office job. Since in freelancing, you will be independently working at home and always has the option of multitasking. You can take a holiday whenever you want because, in freelancing, all that matters is your work to be finished within the required time period according to the pre-determined target. You will yourself be your own manager and you will be able to manage your time. You will yourself decide which client you want to work for how much time.

Demerits of Freelance Writer

If you are a freelancer, you will be called in by the company any time they want. You do not have a fixed office hour. So they can call you anytime according to their wish. And you will always miss that downtime which the employees in office enjoy. Since you constantly keep on working at different places, so you will never be able to create friendship among any of your colleagues. Sometimes at the middle of the work, you may be fired, so you will be left with half done project. Hence, you will never be able to add that particular project in your experience. Since freelancers are never permanent, so you may be fired anytime from work. So you cannot argue on your perspective anymore.


Since your work is not a 5-day work, you do not have weekends. As you are working at home, so the employer will feel free to contact you anytime and planning a holiday for some fixed period is kind of tough for the freelancers. Because you don’t have any idea, when exactly you will be working.


Merits of Permanent Writer

In a permanent job, the most admired thing is the job stability. You know that even with all the advantages and disadvantages, at the end of the day, you have a job which is permanent. Since your job is stable, as a writer your earning is also stable and you can plan for expenditures and loans better than being a freelance writer. You will be able to learn more from your fellow colleagues as well as senior writers.Ideas and innovations expand when they are shared.

When you will work with a group of people, your knowledge level will definitely improve. As you will write sitting in the office, your mode of work will be noticed by the management, and as time will pass, you will be given greater leadership opportunities.Your communication skill will increase as a result of staying in touch with a large number of people at work. And when communication increases, you will definitely be able to have a better personality.

When you work together surrounded by a lot of people, you will, of course, become more social and have better weekends hanging out with them. If you work as a permanent writer it will always create more trust and believe on employers you will be working in the next future. When you are in permanent role, you will be considered more familiar to the company and you will have more conscientiousness about your work. In permanent writing, you will never be fired from your work suddenly. Because you will always be given a notice period, to find the next job after termination of the present one.

Demerits of Permanent Writer

The problem of being a permanent writer is that your growth will be very less. You will have to wait long for salary increments and higher ranks. Sometimes due to taking leaves people get fired. This happens mostly in the private companies.  Sometimes in the permanent job as a writer, apart from your writing work, you will be given additional work from your fellow colleagues like email writing, helping them up in presentations, etc. So your pressure of work seems to be more and work life balance seems t be unbalanced frequently.  Joining in a company as a fresh writer always pays you very less salary. Even if you are a great writer, and have written a large number of articles during your education, those will not be considered as your experience. In permanent jobs, experience as permanent writers only has got value. As a writer, you will be given your target of finishing a certain number of articles.

In order to finish them even if you work over time, it is usually not considered and you will not get any extra money for the extra time off work. As you will be bound by only a single company, you will be writing on the same type of technology on which your company works. So your knowledge will be locked on few technologies. But on the other hand, in freelancer writing, as you will be multitasking with a lot of companies together, so your knowledge will have no boundaries and it will effect in the diversity of creativity in your writing.


Since there are advantages and disadvantages in both ways of writing. It completely depends on you on how you want to work as a writer. If you are a fresher, then I would advise you to work as a permanent writer for a few years to gain experience. Once you have created your reputation in the market, then you will, of course, be able to work as a freelancer of your demand.

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