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Hello Friends and welcome to another article. Today, I’m gon na be buying a week’s worth of clothing from Fashion Nova Now Fashion. Nova is a trendy online clothing retailer that I see freaking everywhere, and I guess that makes sense because they really go ham with the marketing.

You may recognize their name from the hashtag # Novababes, Which surprised me by not being a hashtag about, ladies who attend Villanova University., Unlike other online retailers like wish and romwe Fashion. Nova’S prices are not Suspiciously low, but, like those other online retailers, a lot of the mystique around fashion Nova exists because it’s not clear if the clothes are as good in real life as they are in the photos. And a lot of the Posts about fashion Nova Seem to be sponsored or partnered content.

 Fashion Nova
Fashion Nova

So it’s hard to find an unbiased review.. So today, I’m gon na be diving headfirst into the fashion Nova, cove cave grotto And buying a week’s worth of outfits. In my quest to become a Villanova babe.
All right.. Let’S start shopping Okay, so I’m gon na open up and I’m also gon na open up a fashion, Nova’s Instagram.

What fashion Nova does on their Instagram is that they have like their own posts that are like their sort of online catalogue models, But they will also repost their Nova babes wearing their Fashion Nova clothing.. So I basically wanno go through and like find Nova-babe Posts and then try and recreate their outfits and see how they look on me. A not Nova- babe.

All right yes. Here are some dresses, some body suits.. Oh, look, There’s a Nova babe with her Nova-Bae.
Oh, you know what I said: Nova-Bae as a joke, but actually that is a hashtag in this caption., Oh wow. This looks like a very distressed pair of jeans that is specifically distressed on the butt cheek.

I’Ve actually never seen that before. But you know I’ve worn my fair share of strange denim, So I feel, like you know, maybe we could go for this.. I could wear some boy.

Shorts., Maybe borrow some briefs from Tyler and we could sort of do like a peekaboo situation.. So I’m gon na go to the fashion Nova site and then search this term’the truth about it, denim Bermudas’, All right.
So, let’s see what size I could be in these. Based on this size chart I’m gon na guess, I’m a size, 9, All right.. So let me add these to the cart and then let me see what she’s wearing on her top again uh.

It’S called the’meshing! U cami’ like she’s’mishing’ you, but she’s meshing, you.. It looks like a pretty Standard gold tank top.

So why don’t we just get a medium on top and that will conclude this outfit.? Oh look at this. It’S a Nova babe with her Nova babies.! Oh, is this — Adrienne Bailon of the Cheetah Girls Why it is And she is wearing the trench me up Jacket as a dress.

Well, I’m surprised that Adrienne’s cheating on the Cheetah Girls with the Nova babes, Obviously Adrienne, has done many things since being on the Cheetah Girls, including date Rob Kardashian. But to me She will always be a cheetah sister. Adrien like has styled this with nothing underneath, but on the website, They’ve styled it with a skirt underneath so we’ll see when it gets here. If we need to put something under this alright, So I don’t think I can find the exact over-the-knee boots that she has on in the photo on fashionnova.

om. But I did find a couple of pairs that kind of have like some texture to them.. That could be a good dupe, So I’m gon na go with these Francine’s satin over the knee boots, and that is outfit number two.

All right.. So, let’s see what’s up next..

Oh I like this.. This is like a black jumpsuit with slits up the legs and like red and white piping. It looks like she’s at a mall too.

And I love malls, I’m a big fan of like maxi, dresses and jumpsuits, and I like that this one it has kind of like baggy legs. So it’s not like super clinging to the thighs All right, So I’m gon na add this Rooftop bar jumpsuit in medium to the bag, and that is pretty much all we need for our third outfit. Let’S see what we should get next Ooh. This looks interesting.

This to me is like definitely like a modern-day Bratz outfit. I think that the beret on top really seals its fate, there. Alright, so here’s the top on the website, It looks quite short..
It seems to hit sort of like directly under the boob. So I guess you guys are all going to get view of my Taylor, Swift, midriff And then uh. What were the pants called the Carly Bella striped pants.? Well, at least these pants look like they’re, quite high-rise.

I’M gon na get these in a size large and then add that to the bag. All right. So the last part of this outfit was the beret..
Oh well. I just searched for beret and I got a butt lifter so Tyler in the background, “ Yeah ya. Did.”, I might have to get a beret somewhere else.

All right so with those added to the cart. That is outfit number, four, All right! So, what’s next, You know what This dress is really popular on their Instagram, Like I’ve, seen a few different posts that feature this Mura mesh dress. So I feel like, if they’re continually marketing and showing people in this dress, we should try it out. This dress is definitely sort of that tight around the curves Club dress.

That, I think is like a signature of fashion Nova. It seems to be a ruched look, so you can kind of like cup and skim. I’m doing this..

I don’t know what this is. I think we should get this in a medium. All right, so that is outfit number 5..
2 left. Oh my word.. What is that? They say this is the Shaina houndstooth velvet lounge set, and it seems to be sort of like Halfway in between like a houndstooth suit and like a Juicy Couture, sweat suit.

So I think we should do it. Online. The sweat suit seems like much looser but we’ll see how it actually fits in person. I did also find a pair of sunglasses that look like the one she’s wearing.
So let’s get those too., So that is outfit number. 6., All right.

So, let’s look for our last fashion, Nova outfit! Oh! This is cute.. This looks like it’s like a mustard crop top that says 90s baby across the boobs, And you know what I’m a 90s baby.

So why not advertise that above my chesticles All right, I feel like. As always, we should go for a medium with this and I’m gon na add that to the bag. So the next part of this outfit is the pencil skirt.

So, let’s see if they have a plaid pencil skirt All right, So I feel like the closest dupe I could find on the site is this’Couldn’t, be bothered’ skirt And it looks to be about the right length. But it’s just plain black. Instead of having that like dark, grey, plaid pattern, She’s also wearing these like silver – these, which, I believe are also fashion Nova And they do have a size 10 available, and I think that will complete our outfit number, seven All right. So that is a week’s worth of outfits.

Hopefully So I’m going to choose one business day, shipping which has a pretty hefty price tag, But if it actually gets here in one day, I think it’s worth it. Okay, so my order is confirmed So hopefully they’ll get here pretty soon And once it does. We’Ll start wearing it and see if I can ever truly become a Nova, babe, Okay. So it’s a few days later.
And I think we have almost everything that we order from fashion Nova, Even though we paid for like overnight shipping, it came in like five days.. In fact, Fashion Nova sent me an email like when it should have been here being like Congrats we’re still working on it. So, as I said, we have almost everything.

he sunglasses, Unfortunately, never arrived.. They were on like the packing list of the items That should be here when we originally got the package, but they were nowhere to be found. But sunglasses aside, I have all of my things here and we’ll start wearing them Now.

So for my first outfit I went for Adrienne by Lon’s trench me up jacket and B Francine Satin over the knee boots, the cheetah sisters. We stand together To finish off the styling of this outfit. I put my hair up in a topknot and then I also added a little booty short. I think Adrienne might be a bit shorter than I am.

So this fit her more like a dress and for me Well, I guess it’s still a dress, but it’s a dress that shows my underwear, So Adrienne instagrammed this outfit at some type of park in front Of a fountain, So we went to a park and found a fountain. I wonder how Adrienne got on in her stiletto boots, because mine are sinking into the ground, I’m just like You know, sort of aerating the grass.. The jacket does look reasonably like the photo, but it is much less Flattering on me than it is on Adrienne.

It is a little smaller than I expected. I think I could have done with a large, at least on bottom., But then, who knows what would have happened up top And the shoes, even though they were the right size Quickly became pretty painful..

I ended up having to walk in sort of like small waddling steps. Tyler. Why is the resemblance uncanny? I think my gaiter resembles his so closely..

He thinks I’m just a giant goose, Tyler Yeah he’s like you’re a little awkward but — Safiya. I don’t think I would wear this outfit again. Maybe I would try to wear this jacket over something, but altogether this outfit made for a very precarious day. Tyler.

It’S surprisingly long., I think, was the goose chase that really got you over the edge. Safiya. It was truly a wild goose chase.

So for my second outfit I went for my early favorite from when we were shopping, Which was the rooftop bar jumpsuit. Sky’s out thighs out. That’S what I always say. In the instagram.

This Nova babe is basically just posing at a mall, So we went to the mall and posed. It’s kind of like as if each of my individual legs are superheroes With capes, to which I say No capes. I do think that this jumpsuit does look a lot like the photos online, at least while you’re stationary, But once you start walking you’re confronted with the reality of the slits..

The thing is: I’m okay, with my thighs being out. It’S really just like right here. That kind of makes me nervous.’Cause, I just feel like it could just flap inwards and then you’d really just see my pubes.
I do actually like the look of this jumpsuit when you’re standing still but in motion things move around Things, ride up and it just feels kind of risky.. It’S basically a fancy loincloth. Tyler Yeah.

I would wear this again but maybe like on vacation or to like a pool party. I don’t think I would wear it out in public again, just because of the pube anxiety. Tyler. It’S not sky’s out thighs out Tyler.

It’S uh loins out groins out Tyler. Is that — That’s the same thing So one day three, I went for the’truth about it’, denim Bermudez and the meshing you’ Cami Tyler. Whoever made these jeans are like “. I want the whole ass out” Safiya Each buttock must be exposed to its maximum capacity.

I had already planned on wearing like little booty shorts underneath these jeans, But I wasn’t expecting how see-through the top would be. So I also put on a little camisole underneath just to keep myself monetized. I’Ve done enough under layers that I’m not nervous about being exposed. Personally But like the amount of rips and dips is interesting.

Tyler, It looks like a bear tried to grab your butt Yeah. I got groped by Wolverine., Dammit Hugh. I think I’ve experienced my fair share of strange denim at this point and this definitely Isn’t the weirdest pair of jeans, I’ve ever worn, but the behind is really confounding.

Ohoh Tyler. What Safiya I can feel the hot chair through my path. There’S something about these that are so absurd that I almost want to wear them again, But I don’t know how or why.

Besides, of course, the like extreme distressing on the buttock They’re, also like a Capri or Bermuda short length, which is a length of pant that I have not worn since about 2006 or 7. and, to be honest, Bermuda shorts are pretty much the last item of clothing. I would expect to be sexy-fied, But maybe I just don’t have that Nova babe vision., So for our fourth outfit I went for the’Maura mesh’ dress.

I just think this dress is kind of sexy. I do feel kind of like the inside of a nice casket. In this Instagram. This Nova babe is posing inside while holding a bouquet of roses, And I’m just going to pose in front of the thermostat I’d say this dress does look like it did in the photos, But it fits much stranger than I thought it would.

In particular, It was Weirdly tight around the upper arms everything else about the dress has some give, but right here It’s hurting already. As a result., I had extremely limited range of motion. I do kind of feel like I could Hulk out of this dress: *Groaning Hulk-like noises*.

I kind of heard little rip And while we were eating dinner, I had to Sneakily take my arms out of the sleeves in order to be able to like move my arms around the table. I wish I could say I liked this dress. I think that if you weren’t planning on wearing it for a very long amount of time, you could definitely get away with it, But in terms of like an actual dress to wear, I don’t like it..

So for my fifth outfit I went for the’CarliBela’, striped, pants and the’mixed business’ tank top Tyler. You look so much like a Bratz doll., It’s crazy. Safiya.

I am Sophie. The French exchange student., The inspo-Nova babe, was wearing like an acid-washed denim jacket, a beret and very pointy nude heels, Which we did add to the outfit, but none of which are from Fashion Nova. My feet were just not made for heels in any way, shape or form, and I think that is gon na be one of my Bigger barriers in my quest to become a Villanova babe.

I liked the top. I thought it was totally fine.. The pants, however, are much more Chiffony than I expected, and they also have a weird pair of shorts inside of them.

That makes them pretty uncomfortable. Besides that, I think that the styling of this outfit was fun, But it was sort of cumbersome. Tyler. You look at you’re balancing a plate on your head.

Safiya. How do I beret? How does one beret, I like the idea of this outfit, But I think that I would have to find a different pair of Burgundy colored pants, because the current ones have just rode all the way: up. Tyler, No Taylor, Swift, midriff to be found Tyler. Where are you navel, Safiya *singing*? Where are you now that I navel *Safyia, making music noises* That’s Justin Bieber? So for my sixth outfit I went for this 90s baby crop top.

This couldn’t be bothered skirt, and these Olympic booties.’92 is the best In general. I think that all of these items ended up. Looking like how I thought they would so I’m impressed by the internet too, IRL translation and I’m also impressed by like how Comfortable I am.

I do have like full range of motion of my arms. Tyler Yeah, Safiya And like a decent range of motion down here And, surprisingly, of all The fashion Nova shoes are actually pretty comfortable. The only thing I didn’t like about the shoes is that it looks like after one wear. I have like a crease in the toe, But they’re comfortable.

It’S just a shame that they look like this now.. I would wear this outfit again, Maybe not all together, but I liked the skirt I liked the shoes – and I liked the shirt. Something about this skirt reminds me of like Joan from Mad Men, who is arguably like a 1965 Nova babe.

Amongst all of my internet. Hauls. This is the rare outfit..
That’S three for three! You know I’m saying to the world what my parents had sex 25 years ago, well more like 26 and a half years., 26 …

So for my last outfit I went for this Sheyna houndstooth velvet lounge set. I kind of feel like a villain from like American hustle or something. Tyler Or, like The Hangover. Safiya, I think in Person.

The jumpsuit ended up fitting more like it did on the model on the website than it did on the Nova babe on Instagram. I will say that the jumpsuit is quite comfortable and the medium seems to be fitting me pretty well, But to wear it like the Instagram model. I really have to like open it up pretty far and like really make it kind of uncomfortable. In this Instagram.

The Nova babe is posing on an ottoman and taking a photo of herself in the mirror. We don’t have any mirrors like that in our house., So we went to Ikea..

Can we get some meatballs Tyler? Yes, Safiya? I’M down, I had a good time walking around IKEA and lounging in the pretend bedrooms Tyler, You look like you could be sitting right next, like DJ, Khalid. Safiya Another one, another one, another one.. What else does he say And thankfully they did have a mirror.
We could use., It was honestly sort of hard to replicate her pose.. She kind of juts out her butt.
In the immortal words of Tyra Banks. This jumpsuit is really far away from my own personal style, But I did kind of like it honestly.. If there were a particular occasion or costume party of some kind that I could wear this to, I definitely would.

I can eat as much lingonberry as I want *Fake laughter* All right, so that was my week wearing Fashion Nova outfits. I think that comfort, wise my favorite outfit was the’90s baby’ outfit, But aesthetically. I also really liked the black jumpsuit that showed off my full thigh Overall, my biggest takeaway about fashion Nova in general is that most of the outfits do photograph well, But a lot of them run into problems when you start walking., whether they flap open or have Strange linings on the inside, or just Restrict your arms within 30 degrees of motion for some reason.
So, although I do appreciate that the clothes look pretty similar to how they’re pictured online. A lot of them, don’t feel so good, I guess that leaves us with one final question: Am I a Nova babe And I think the answer is that I’m lacking some posing Skills and tolerance for foot pain, But if I could be carried to a location, Instagram and then carried out of that location, Maybe I could be.. Thank you guys so much for reading.

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