Eggs Nutrition Facts : Most Powerful Diet

We’Re gonna talk about a food that is highly medicinal. It’S also incredible and it’s edible and it’s an egg, and I can tell you that I’ve been consuming on average, six to twelve whole eggs for over twenty years, people used to say the yolk was bad. The yolk is back in fact we’re gonna talk about egg nutrition facts.
Should you really eat the whole egg? I say emphatically, yes, and let’s tell you why you’re gon na be shocked how good this little small, simple, easy to consume. Food is for you and your family look at these nutrition facts for eggs over 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fats and the fats are in a phospholipid form and you’re gon na love. What that does for your health? Also, while it is high in cholesterol, the cholesterol in an egg is great for hormones, and it’s great for the body you’re gon na learn soon, folks that cholesterol and food does not increase cholesterol in your body. In fact, for 40 days I went on a diet that included 12 eggs a day and I measured all my blood levels and my total cholesterol went down and my ratio improved.
So you do not have to worry about eggs and cholesterol, but it’s loaded with selenium riboflavin. Look at that vitamin D level that’s hard to get in food b12 phosphorus vitamin, A folate eggs that you consume from pastured poultry contains vitamin E and omega-3s really really amazing. Look at these benefits from simple eggs and by the way eggs are prolly gram per gram, the most affordable form of protein and, if you’re on a paleo or keto diet, they are absolutely the perfect food may reduce the risk of heart disease based on all those Nutrients helps prevent overall diseases. I believe that those who consume eggs are at a lesser risk of all diseases.
This is a big one. Eggs contain lutein eggs contain a form of lutein that might be four times better than supplements and four times better than spinach. One of the best plant sources lutein is important for the macula of the I think. Macular degeneration lutein is awesome and that’s why all of my kids consume eggs virtually every single day eggs can aid in weight loss by giving you that dynamic ratio of protein to fat that keto diet errs know about brain weight, man, it’s awesome, liver function and brain Health, eggs and their fats, which are easy to digest, can actually help your liver and phospholipids phosphatidyl, serine, phosphatidylcholine and lecithin boost the brain and healthy skin eggs and their proteins and fats make your skin healthy.
What do you need to look for on an egg carton? Organic really important animal welfare approved. That typically means the chickens are treated well pastured. This is a big one, chickens and other poultry that are in pasture. They eat some grass, but they also eat grubs and those grubs give them more.
Nutrition and more omega-3s chickens are really awesome. I have hens on our heal, the planet, farm and man they’re, just amazing, we’ll get into that a little bit later vegetarian fed. Now. This is one that you want to look for in commercial eggs, but I got to tell you chickens are not vegetarians: they love animal foods, but in industrialized poultry farms.
You want to look for vegetarian, because, if they’re fed animal byproducts are usually not that good cage-free means they get to roam a little bit. Free-Range is another term for that. No added hormones and natural – that’s probably the weakest of the claim, I would say organic and pastured – would be the gold standard of eggs. You purchase locals even better or get some of your own chickens and you’re sure they’re gon na be healthy gold standard eggs.
As I mentioned organic raised on pasture rotated daily, which is what we do they’re protected from predators. They eat bugs or grubs grass, and in order to get egg production up, most producers need to add grain, but typically we want soy, free and again local farmers with mobile coops allow the chickens to do their job, improving soil and producing eggs that improve your health And guess what it’s? Not just chicken eggs? I love duck eggs they’re a little firmer when you fry them and they fill up a lot of the pan. Kids love them to roe or caviar, which are fish eggs, probably the most nutrient dense food on the planet. You can get turkey eggs, you can get goose eggs, guinea fowl that’s a great poultry, pheasant and quail.
You can see some of the small cool looking pheasant and quail eggs. Those are all incredible, edible and good for you in so many ways. Folks, today, on ancient medicine today we’re talking about eggs.
They are good for you.
The whole egg is good for you. You can eat eggs from a multitude of animals and build your health. Don’T buy the lie. The whites not better, the yolk is back and the whole egg can transform your health, your heart overall disease prevention, weight, loss, healthy skin, I helped even liver and brain function.
What are you waiting for? Go ahead and consume eggs? They don’t raise cholesterol and in fact they could just transform your health, and I bet you know someone folks who believes eggs are bad, who believes eggs raise cholesterol. I challenge you to send this link to those who don’t believe that one of the most powerful foods on the planet could be one of the most affordable.
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