Eggs Benefits for Hair : Egg Hair Mask

Due to the bad quality of water and weired atmosphere, some people constantly have the hair prolem. But now you have not worry because we will share the cheapest pack made of eggs and some other ingredients. Please leave the your comments about this ” Eggs Benefits for Hair ” article.
You wil require..
Egg -1
Castor oil – 1 spoon
Lemon juice – from 1 lemon
Drinking water- 1/2 litre
Crack the egg into a bowl
Egg’s white part gives a shine to your hair
Egg’s yellow (protein) strengthens the hair
Whisk the egg & pour in the castor oil
If you have long hair, take more of the mentioned ingredients, accordingly.

Egg should be whisked till it turns from gooey to runny consistency. Now it has come to applying consistency

Apply oil before applying this. Or add some extra oil to the egg.

First, wet your hair. Then start applying this pack from scalp to tip of the hair. Gently massage. The pack will start to foam a little bit

Keep massaging for 2 mins & it will foam like shampoo.

Massage in slow circular motion with finger tips for 5 mins. Then keep it in head for 5 more mins. Totally keep in head for 10-15 mins. Then wash your hair with water

Dont wash hair in hot water.Use cool water or mild warm water.

Or else the egg will cook in your head. Wash hair with a mild shampoo.Then towel your wet hair till it dries (dont rub your hair with towel)

Mix the lemon juice in the water.

Dont completely dry your hair, just towel your hair till it stops dripping water. Then pour this lemon water covering your scalp to hair tips. Dont wash your hair after pouring lemon water. Lemon treats any infections in scalp & shines hair. Sometimes there might be egg smell in your hair even after shampooing

This lemon water will get rid of the egg smell.

This pack will bless you with soft,shiny,bouncy,thick,healthy hair. Can use this pack weekly once.

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