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12 Reasons for growth in eCommerce

These days E-commerce has become a highly charismatic tool to attract large pool of potential customers. No matter which part of the corner the traders are sitting in, they can always target their potential customers from thousands of kilometers away. E-commerce is a boon for both traders and the customers.Check out some magnetic reasons for striking growth of eCommerce business.



1. Accessibility

This is the first pillar of eCommerce success. The vast platform of internet assists the customers to shop for anything they want lurking in their mind while sitting at their home despite of their location. The probability of attracting the large number of customers is far higher in eCommerce in contrast to actual physical shops.

2. No destination barriers

In eCommerce, distance does not create any hindrance to the shoppers. While shopping they are always at cool mindset and physical ease. Their entire shopping is facilitated merely by the click of a mouse.


3. E-commerce is comparatively economical

The cost incurred by the shoppers while making purchases is usually low. It is because the merchants do not have to spend surplus amount while renting a place or hiring the staff. Apart from these expenses, the vendors save much on electricity and water bills too. They share a lion share of their benefits with the customers offering them enticing discounts. Customers on the other hand save on transportation cost.  These reasons have offered eCommerce a competitive edge over other physical retailers.


4. The displayed items are pretty reasonable for the shoppers

It is due to the reduced peripheral costs. The low cost, attractive discounts and promotional offers sent via email has made eCommerce further popular.


5. Internet connectivity everywhere


The presence of computers all around and the growing number of mobile gadgets in every hand with internet connectivity has become another stimulating reason for online billing.


6. Shopping at customers pace

Shopping can be carried at the customer’s ease and desires with no restrictions due to odd days, unusual timings or bad weather conditions. These virtual shops are opened 24×7, 365 a days.


7. eCommerce business takes less starting time

More and more people are embarking on this profession because it is comparatively easy to start in contrast to brick and mortar retailing and service operation business.

8. Knowledge increases with convenience


Computers with internet connection are an addiction and make shoppers stick to it for pretty longer period of time. Their knowledge about various products and services keep on increasing. By keeping their butts on the same place, they can have a comparative view while making selection of best products. In short to say, convenience stays at the top.


9. No limitation of physical location space

Most of the physical retail stores face limitations with stocking their supplies. On the other hand E-commerce do not face any such limitations and  sales can be generated multi-fold times . It’s because the products can be stocked anywhere and it does not have to be at any primary location. This is one of the biggest reasons that have forced many physical stores to start eCommerce business increasing the sales of their products.


10. People do not have time to shop

Many times, shoppers can’t manage to go out due to very busy schedules and hence make purchases while traveling or being in office. They do not have to face issues of traffic jams and searching for the stores situated at the odd places.


11. Search engine- the first step of online shopping


Most of the potential customers begin their search via search engines if they have no idea for online shopping. Brand names can be easily traced anywhere, but shopping for hidden offers through the stores located in interiors is possible only via eCommerce.


12. eCommerce enhances the visibility of the stores

Promotions are a great way to boost high sales helping both the customers and the sellers. With eCommerce, business can be flourished in short span of time reaching new as well as old customers or for carrying repetitive business. Product promotions encourage the shoppers to make the purchase the very same day.


The benefits of eCommerce are tantalizing and hence the world of virtual internet provokes the customers to shop through all corners of the world despite of their locations.  If shoppers are looking for most economical products at a reasonable price eCommerce is definitely a popular choice.

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