difference between iphone 11 and iphone 11 pro

What’S going on guys now, as most of you already know, today, Apple announced their brand-new phones, the iPhone 11 iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro Macs, and today we’re gon na talk about all the differences. If you want to pick up one of the new iPhones now one of the things that I really like that Apple did is they took what was last year’s iPhone 10 R and made that the iPhone 11 – and I love this because it makes the iPhone 11 A lot more affordable

but it doesn’t make it seem like it’s some kind of side product now, of course, with that more affordable price tag, you won’t see all the features that you get with the pro models, but we’ll talk about those features in a second now, The biggest difference is that you’ll see between the three models immediately is all physical. The iPhone 11 comes in more playful colors like purple, white product, red, yellow and green, whereas the pro models come in midnight, green space, grey silver and gold.

I’M gon na tell you guys right now me personally, I am all about that new midnight green, the iPhone 11 has that typical glossy feel to it. While the pro models have like this new matte finish, which kind of has like this frosted look and the texture feels awesome, I love the way it feels in the hand and have a feeling that it’s going to be a bit more comfortable to use. It’S not gon na be as slippery, but of course we have to spend some more time with its are actually seeing now in terms of sizing we’re looking at the same sizes as last year’s lineup. The iPhone 11 will come in at six point one inches and with the pro models, you’ll get a five-point.

Eight inch and a six point five inch, so you have the entire spectrum there now other differences that we’ll see what these displays is. The iPhone 11 is going to have a liquid retina LCD display, while the pro models will have a super retina XDR display, which is the naming they took from their new professional monitors. That is also an OLED display, which is supposed to be 15 % more efficient, and, of course, that is the higher-end between the two screens now looking at the back of the phone is where we’re gon na start to see some more differences.

Some of us weren’t, too surprised here.The iPhone 11 has been upgraded to a dual camera system, while the pro models have a triple camera system, and this is great because now they have wide-angle lenses and ultra wide-angle lenses on both models, while the pro models also include a telephoto lens now, physical differences Aside, we got to talk about what’s changed on the inside now. Of course, these have been upgraded to Apple’s new a13 process, which has a faster CPU and GPU, which is gon na lead to much better performance which will be able to see in powerful apps and games and much more efficiency, which will be able to see in The battery life now we’ve got a touch back on the camera,

because, honestly, that’s where a lot of the upgrades happened and honestly, I am really excited about the ultra wide-angle lenses that I’ve been included this time around, because it’s just going to make shooting a lot Easier if you’re ever in a tight spot or you want to take pictures of a landscape, you’re, just gon na get so much more in the frame and trust me guys. This is a game changer that we’ve seen on other phones for a while now, but I’m happiest on the iPhone. Now with the pro models you do get that telephoto lens that we had on the 10s versions.

So you get a much bigger optical zoom range, whether you want a tight shot or something extremely wide. You get a lot of options here, and one thing I’m really happy about is that Apple introduced a night mode. So that’s something: we’ve seen with the pixel and Samsung phones, where you’re gon na be able to take a shot, that’s completely in the dark and make it a usable shot.

Now you can’t turn this mode on manually, it’s automatic once the camera detects that there isn’t enough light for a good shot.
It automatically turns on the night mode and you’re able to get that shot off for all my iPhone users out there who have never had experience with this mode. I am telling you now you are going to love it.

If you take any kind of night photography now Apple also showed off some of the video capabilities of the new iPhones, and my goodness guys, it looks amazing you’re gon na be able to shoot up to 4k 60 frames per second now, with both their rear and Front facing camera, so that is a really big deal, but man guys that video quality is something I cannot wait to put to the test, because it honestly looks amazing now something I think a lot of people are going to be able to appreciate with the new Front facing camera is being able to take wider selfies. If you just change the orientation you’ll see that it opens up and makes it a lot easier to for more people to come into your shot or if you want, you can just hit a button and it also widens it.

But I think this is something that’s going to make a lot of people happy ari. I know you’re one of them. They also introduced this thing called slow fees, which is basically a slow motion. Selfie video not for me, but I think, there’s gon na be interesting for anyone with some hair to get some really cool stuff off with it now there’s something that I feel like will probably go over some people’s heads and that’s the ability to switch between the Three camera as smoothly without having any color shift and is a really awesome thing that Apple has been able to achieve here by not having this giant shift.

Whenever you switch between the three lenses it smoothly, does it and it’s going to be a big deal for some of us who like to take video on our phones? It’S a pretty subtle and low-key change, but it is going to be very helpful. Now. Apple also introduced this quick video mode, which is basically a page out of snapchat or instagrams book by allowing you to take a video by just pressing the shutter button and it starts shooting the video immediately and once you release the video start shooting. But if you want to lock it in all, you got to do is swipe over to the right, and then it locks it into video mode, and I’m telling you this is a really cool feature.

Instead of having to swipe through you get that video going a lot quicker now, of course you have the typical stuff like water, resistance and fast charging, and thankfully Apple has listened, and the pro models will now have a fast charger included inside of the packaging. So, no needing to buy something extra, but unfortunately for the iPhone 11 owners. You will still have to go. Buy it.

If you want to take advantage of the feature, and some of the best news to come out of the announcement today – was the increase in battery life, the iPhone 11 is going to have one more hour of battery life compared to the iPhone 10 are, and with The iPhone 11 pro it’s gon na get four more hours than the 10s, and the pro max is going to get five more hours than the 10s max, which is just absolutely insane, and it’s going to have the highest battery life of any iPhone today. Now, in terms of pricing, the iPhone 11 is going to be starting at $ 699 and how nice is that to say to get the iPhone 11 at $699? It’S not a direction that we thought Apple would go, but with that 10 are being the new 11.
It kind of makes sense, and this is why I like to move so much while the pro models, the 5.8 inch is going to start at $ 999 and the 6.5 is going to be ten.

Ninety nine so a bit more premium options over there, but I feel like for people who just want to get that 11. It is a much much nicer price point to start at now. I personally feel like the 11 is going to sell like hotcakes, especially since it doesn’t feel like a side product, but I want to know what you guys think are those bezels something that will keep you away from the iPhone 11. Or do you just have to have the latest and greatest with the upper leather comment down below? You guys enjoyed this video and, if you did be the cool guy girl that give this video a thumbs up, I’m going to have a real day in the life video and all the other things that you can come to expect in future updates.
So stay tuned for that and fermitas gon na be starting Friday. The 13th and people will officially be able to get their hands on it on the 20th. I’Ll tell that in guys that your average consumer base

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