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Best Text Editor For Windows Web Development

Text editor is one of those programs which we use in daily basis and they have very important role in our daily work now there are a lot of text editors out there but which on is best text editor for windows.After using many many text editors i have decided to let others know which one is best text editor for windows.


Best Text Editor For Windows


Best Text Editor For Windows

According to me the best text editor for windows is Notepad plus plus. This text editor is free and its support many programming languages too means this is also best for programmers for their coding work.This text editor is very easy to use like 123.If you have written some thing wrong in this editor it will highlight that word because of its highlighting feature.

Another best feature is auto compilation of words.It you will start some world in it this software will suggest you the complete word below.This also applies on Programming side because it also auto complete the commands.

Another reason is its multi tab interface that is why i have added notepad plus plus in best text editor for windows this software has multi tabs feature like any browser for example chrome or Firefox this software has tabs you can open more then one file at a time and work on them.

This program also have zoom in and zoom out function you can zoom in or out while working on projects.You can also bookmark you favorite or those documents on which you are working.

You can download Notepad plus plus from below link

Download Notepad Plus Plus

If you have any other good text editor in your mind do comment below and let me know.

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