Best Password Security Tips

Securing your self is one of the most important thing especially in this era of the internet because now a days online banking is very popular people mostly try to do online shopping instead of going to markets.

But in online shopping, there is a danger of being compromised . So in this article, I have come up with a few password security tips so that you may secure yourself.

Here are few best password security tips that will help you in securing your online accounts those password security tips are given below.

Never share your password

This first and the most important password security tip is never share your PWD with any one keep it to your self do not share it even with you best friend because no one knows when he will turn into you enemy or maybe he share it with any of his friend this is the first flaw in PWD sec and most of the people do this without hesitation so I advice you do not share your PWD with any one.
Password Security Tips

Don’t use the same password everywhere

Never use the same PWD on every account because if someone is able to compromise your PWD then it will be easy for him/her to access your other account as he will defiantly try that PWD to all of your accounts too.

Password Strength

Always create a PWD which is very difficult to guess and easy to remember but your PWD must have all the characters in it for example alphabets, numbers, and special characters ([email protected]@school) this is a good example of strong PWD and  this is very good for password security.

Length of PWD

Another password security tip is that always make sure that your PWD must be at least 8 characters never use small length passwords.

Always check URLs

This is one of very important password security tip that I am going to tell you always check the URLs before typing any of your PWD anywhere for example you are going to log in to your Gmail account before logging in make sure that you are logging in to because if your URL is not it can be a phishing attack.

Your Computer must be Secure

Always make sure your computer is secure you are not key logged or you are not running any malware in your computer because people also use key loggers, malwares and stealers to steal others PWD so always use good antivirus in your computer.
Hope you have like all of the above password security tips which I have provided above for more password security tips you can check this article regularly I will update it and if you have any other good password security tips do comment below and let me know if you have any problem regarding this article you can ask in comment section.

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