Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands – Top 5 List

Today I am going to talk about the best gaming mouse for big hands so let’s start with the first one. Below is the list of all mouse which I am going to cover in this article.

Razer Naga Trinity: [ SEE PRICE & Other Details ]
SteelSeries Rival 600: [ SEE PRICE & Other Details ]
Logitech G502 Hero: [ SEE PRICE & Other Details ]
Corsair Dark Core RGB: [ SEE PRICE & Other Details ]
Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom: [ SEE PRICE & Other Details ]

1: Razer Naga Trinity

1 Razer Naga Trinity

First off is all about versatility and that’s the Razer Naga Trinity. This has three modular side grips, which is gonna, be great for swapping to fit any sort of game that you prefer and that’s the number one factor that makes this mouse  So great.

You have your standard two button side. One has seven buttons in this ring layout. Then you have a twelve button configuration.

These are gonna, be good for games like MMOs or MOBAs setting macros all that stuff. With these, they magnetically snap into place with these pogo pins and then you’re good to go right from there. So obviously making this very, very versatile for anybody.

As you can see, you still have all the chroma lighting zones. You could stop up the colors mix and match, and inside you have a 16,000 dpi, 5g optical gaming sensor.

I would say it’s a bit on the larger side and this kind of wide. This does weigh between 118 to 123 grams, depending on which side grip.

You have on so there’s also on the heavier side, so my experience has been very positive. I’M not going to see this mice being a very great option for anybody, because gamers could take advantage of all those buttons photo and video editing all the macros on the side.

This can really be a great Mouse. If you use it, you know that’s potential pretty much. This comes in at $ 90.

2: SteelSeries Rival 600 [ Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands ]

SteelSeries Rival 600
Best Gaming Mouse For Big Hands

Next up is the SteelSeries rival 600. This came out just around a year ago. Back in January, it has been one of their top selling mice in the last year.

Now one of the things about SteelSeries is a used CPI. This uses their true move: 3, 12000 CPI optical sensor and that’s kind of different from the usual dpi Center.

For most gaming mice, the difference here is CPI is counts per inch, while dpi is dots per inch, so here you’re getting true one-to-one tracking versus DPI’s pixels.

It’S not a big adjustment once you start using it, but then, once you do, the one-to-one tracking is just very accurate. Another thing about this mouse that makes it so popular is the sensor that uses also allows for the lowest and most accurate liftoff distance compared to any other Mouse on the market.

Again here at the rival 600, you have different lighting zones with their prism lighting, even though your hands gonna cover up those lighting strips it looks pretty nice.

You have these really comfortable rubber side grips on both sides, then, on the right side, where your thumb is, you have three buttons there.

This weighs 96 grams, although it does feel lighter than that which means the weight is distributed properly, they also include some modular weights. We can take the side, grips off, put them in the sides.

Each weight weighs out 4 grams, so it can be up to eight hundred and twenty-nine grams total, so the SteelSeries rival 600 their flagship released from 2018 one of their most popular.

The second, you start using it. It’S gonna be hard to go back to anything else.

3: Logitech G502 Hero

Logitech G502 Hero

Next up is a Logitech g502 hero and yes, while this is still an older mouse, this is a newer 2018 re-release with the hero sensor inside. It’S basically that same g502, Mouse you’re all used to, but with three specific changes.

First of all, very minor is the new, updated Logitech G logo. If I didn’t even point that out, you probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Second is a having new cable here to prevent permanent kinking as some other mice did in the past. It is still braided, but, as I said, the cable itself is not going to kink as easily and the third change, which is obviously the most popular, is their newer 16,000 dpi hero optical sensor.

So if you’ve been following the channel for a while you’ll know, the G 502 has been my go-to since, like 2014. At this point, the scrolling wheel, tilts for extra inputs – and you have there like infinite scroll, which is just one of the most satisfying scrolling, wheels to date, not only the app then on the left side or your thumb sits. You have this integrated sniper button. They call it which you can program to lower your dpi.

You know just to be real, precise or, if you change this to be whatever you want, this one’s a bit on the heavier side at 125 grams underneath the mouse there are places for you to store in these modular weights, they each weigh 3.5 grams for an additional 18 grams total to add to the mouse, so the G 502 hero comes in at $ 80, although the regular g502 proteus spectrum from years past is much cheaper than that. But again it’s their newer 2018 release, and you already know it’s still my go-to mouse.

4: Corsair Dark Core RGB

Corsair Dark Core RGB

Next up is gonna, be the only Wireless Gaming Mouse on this list, because it’s the one I trust the most fantasy Corsair gaming dark core RGB se.

This has some pretty cool features as well. You know to raise some eyebrows to worry about the battery life potential lag, but those are both pretty much non-factors here, which is why it’s such a popular Mouse and the dark core has absolutely zero lag with their one.

Millisecond 2.4 gigahertz wireless connection and also has an option for using this over Bluetooth, which is built-in.

This also has a 16,000 dpi optical Gaming sensor, but inside their software, you can adjust the DPI at increments of 1.

So if you want to set this at 221 or 5013, you can in terms of its shape, it does remind of the g502 and played-out kind of the same. It’S a bit on the larger side and weighs 128 grams.

But this one also has some flexibility here with interchangeable side grips, that’s what helped with how you prefer to grip and use the mouse.

It is coated with this kind of anti-sweat texture for a better grip, and you can see it’s a kind of bumpy finish as well, which looks kind of cool if it hits the light properly and on the side.

You have five buttons there right at thumbs. Reach you can change all those buttons inside the software, as well as the RGB lighting and stuff.

Like that again, I use that one button to be like a sniper button, but the one cool thing about this massive regards to its battery is it has Qi charging builds in.

This is often sold and bundled with their mm 1000 Qi charging wireless mouse pad.

So you can place this on the mousepad that will start to charge wirelessly for you, but if you don’t have that mousepad and you have already had like a phone charger lying around you’re like one of those Wireless Qi charging ones. You can set this on there and it will just start charging wirelessly.

That is a really rare feature. I don’t think before this mouse came out beginning of the year than any other Mouse had the capabilities.

so you can pick up their charging mouse pad and take advantage of that or, if you just like, I said, have one for your phone already wirelessly charge it With that so for the wireless Corsair dark or RGB it is $ 90.

But if you want one without the Qi charging capabilities, you could pick up the same mouse without that for just 70 and the next Mouse I’m gonna talk about is probably one of the most popular of 2018 and also one of the rarest and a Lot of gamers do know about this, and, if not, you are definitely missing out.

This is the final Mouse phantom ultra light, and it gets that name because this thing is extremely light. It feels like a feather pretty much also because of this court. This cord really makes it feel.

Wireless now, obviously was a regular gaming mouse when you’re using it the reason they sell. You know Mouse, but Jesus because of the cord. Sometimes the resistance it’ll get caught up on something. You don’t want that cord to affect your mouse and oftentimes.

5: Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom

Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom

My scores are too heavy or too stiff, but with the ultralight phantom, it changes the game and takes a look for yourself. There is practically zero resistance with this. It’S not affecting my mouse.

I know it has that like sky-blue, look to it and I’m not gonna make this comparison because of that.

But I compare this to like cotton candy and the fact that it is just like so light as a thing. It’S like air, pretty much, you know, that’s what I can compare this mouse and it’s a cord to.

If you take a look at it, it looks pretty unique, as you can see, with the preffer ate it like honeycomb design on the top it has.

These holes cut out, and yes, it’s gonna help for like ventilation, so your palms to get sweaty. The main reason here is because of the weight it only weighs 67 grams.

That’S like the weight of most of the mice who showed off today cut in half inside. It does have a pmw 3360 picsArt Center, which was designed for eSports.

So you know it’s reliable. It was up to 3200 dpi, not 32,000, not 32 million, keeping it reasonable. At 3200, which most people will never go over and my experience with this has been amazing. I have never ever used a mouse as light as this with their phantom cord.

Here it really feels like I’m using a wireless mouse. That just is, I don’t know a shell of itself, that’s so light. It’S crazy, no RGB light. I can think nothing unnecessary here.

This thing is awesome because of this new phantom cord and just the mouse overall. This is very, very rare. It’S sold out on their website like right away and it’s very overpriced, unlike eBay and stuff, like that, this thing’s, like catching a Mew, this originally launched for $ 90, and I really hope they can get it back in stock soon and then for an honorable mention.

We have the Roccat Kone emo, as you can see, it definitely takes advantage of our FGB lighting with these zones for the extra Flair and stuff, it’s definitely a flashy looking Mouse and it weighs 130 grams so again a bit heavier.

As for the inputs, you have this kind of tri-button thumb zone here all programmable, and this has a 4d Titan wheel. They call it underneath if you get 12,000 dpi with their own Roccat Ally optical sensor. So it’s a flashy, looking Mouse for sure, looks like something out of Tron and it comes in at 80 Bucks.

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