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Android vs iOS which one is Better

According to the stats across the globe OS is the most widely used mobile platform in the world.Android is a mobile operating system which is developed by Google. iPhone is a line of smartphones designed by Apple Inc.They run Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.


There is a epic contest between Google’s Android & Apple’s iPhone.If we talk about direct sales so we know that Android have always beaten by Apple’s devices.But past is past! now a days all this has changed or i would say all this has changed by Android dramatically.For this dramatically changed just watch out this chart:


Does Android Beats iOS?


Android is extremely different from iOS. You have a number of choices when you choose an Android phone.Like if you talk about the customization only;Android ranked high then iPhone.You don’t like the built-in app so just go up with the third party app.


Android has their own app store Google Play.Probably from other sources or unknown sources Android users can also choose to install your applications.Like other platforms Android does not tie their user’s hand.
Android apps are much cheaper than iOS. Remember the bigger ideas probably start at Google.So using this opportunity,Android give an opportunity to Android Developers to gross their own revenue using Ad-Sense in their applications.


Apple iOS developing tool kit may be not able to get all their essential tools.On the other hand Android has designed software developer kit (SDK) & developers can easily meet the requirements of SDK & ease to get essential tools of SDK.

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