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How To Add Subscribe Button To YouTube Video

Hello All Today i have come up with a very interesting video tutorial and Article.Today you will learn how To add subscribe button to YouTube video.Its really really simple you can do this in few steps.This subscribe button will help you in increasing your subscribers on YouTube.Any one who will see your video he will defiantly see that subscribe button and he will click on it.So lets learn now.


Benefits of Adding Subscribe Button To YouTube Video

As i have mentioned above it will help you in increasing your number of subscribers. You can also add your logo instead of subscribe button and then you can use your log for branding.If you have ever seen any big YouTube channel you will notice they are also adding subscribe button on their videos.So these were benefits lets move on real game how to do that i have also added a video too so that you can understand it better.

How To Add Subscribe Button To YouTube Video

First log in to your YouTube account and click on My Channel.
There you will see video manager click on that button and it will take you to next page
There Click on Channel and Select Branding Option over there.After that click on add watermark and select your subscribe button from your computer.You can also select your logo if you want to add a log to YouTube video.
After that You have to select the time when you want that button to appear i will suggest you to select entire video and save it. You are done now. This button will show on all of you video.

How To Put Subscribe Button To YouTube Video Tutorial

Here You can see full Video tutorial. This will really help you out and do subscribe to my channel for updates.

Thanks for watching and reading the article if you have any question please comment below in comment section i will love to answer your question. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Subscribe my YouTube Channel.

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