How to start a blog and make money I was thinking from a long time to provide a detailed article on this topic. An article which anybody can read and should be able to start a blog. I am going to assume that you are zero in blogging and this is the first guide which you are going to read.
I will take you to step by step explain every single thing which you should know before you start your carrier as a blogger. Don’t be confused this guide is going to be very simple and straightforward.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

So i am going to discuses few very important thinks that you must follow before starting a blog. If you really want to make money from blogging you have to go step by step and before you take action do research about everything which i am going to show you here.

If you will look at successful blogger you will see a lot of accuracy in there work.They are working according to some rules of their own.So what are those rules? .What you should do before starting a blog? What are those steps ?.

Keep reading for that all of your answers are listed below.

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Step 1: How To Choose Right Blog Topic or Niche

Now this part is very important as you have decided to start blogging now it time to choose a good niche in simple words topic. I have three things for you which you should look before you choose a niche.
As you have to spend a lot time and effort creating content in that topic so you should ask your self these three questions.

1: Passion

First thing you should see in your niche is that are you passionate about your topic. Are you willing to sit for hours for sake of content creation? because if you are not passionate that leave now blogging is not for you. It takes a lot of time and handwork you will have to sit for hours searching on a single topic.
Be wise while choosing your blog topic because you will have to stick with it.

2: Experience

Second thing which will be a lot beneficial for you is experience. It will help you a lot if you have some experience in you topic. So try go get into a topic in which you have passion and experience too.

3: Profit

Third thing to see is profit. Because at the end you aim is to make a living from blogging so the topic you are selecting should be profitable. Make sure people are investing on that topic and you have competitors.Here are some warning signs which will help you to find good niche.
  • * Your competitors should have more that 20k email subscribers.
  • * Facebook fan pages in that topic should have more than 10k fans.
  • * Twitter accounts on that topic should have more than 50k followers.
  • * Google should show more than 100k searches per month.
So at the end you should choose that topic for your blog in which you have passion, experience and profit.


Step 2: How To Find a Good Domain Name

Now our next step is to get a domain name. Now what exactly is a domain name ? and where to get this thing ? right ?

how to choose a website name

In simple words domain name is name of your Website like or these are domain names. In my case my domain name is There are two type of domain names people often buy

Exact Match Domain Names

Exact match domain names are those which have you main keyword in you domain name like they have keyword cloths in their domain name.

Brand Names

Brand Names are those which people uses their brand name in their domain. like they are using there brand name.

So now what type of domain you should use ? well brand names preform well as compare EMD’s so go for a brand name few suggestions i will like to give are

  • * Try to choose a small name
  • * Choose a name which can be remembered easily
  • * Your name should be maximum 9 letters
  • * Your domain name should be unique
  • * Always go for dot com

Now if you have chosen your domain name its time to buy. A domain name costs 9$-16$ /yr depending upon the company from you are buying. i will suggest two companies from which you should get your domain name. or

Step 3: Choosing Best Blogging Platform For Your Blog

There are a lot of blogging platforms are available online. If you are new to blogging you must be thinking which one to choose.
right ?

Well i will suggest using WordPress or Blogger. Now another confusion which one from these two ?. If i was going to start a new blog my blogging platform will be WordPress.

Best Blogging Platforms
Why ? because it is more relay able as compare to blogger. You are owner of your blog as it is hosted on your own Hosting Panel.
Hosting is a place where your website files are saved online. You can click the link below to buy cheap hosting from our referral.

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If you don’t have that mush amount to invest you can start from blogger here is how to start a blog on blogger once you have done that you can buy your domain and add it to your blog.

It Will be Awesome if you Know These Things

Here i am going to discuses about those things which will help you a lot if you have some knowledge about them. They are not necessary but very helpful.
1: Web Designing
Yes web designing its not necessary to learn as you can hire someone to work for you but in long run i will help you a lot. I will suggest you to have at least basic knowledge.
2: Photoshop
Photoshop will help you while designing pictures for you blog post because blog post having images gets 97% more shares as compare to articles having less images.

Step 4: How to Run a Successful Blog

Now the most important part how you can become successful in blogging. Anyone can start a blog but having success in blogging is not a cup of tea. Here below i am going to provide few essential things which you must have to follow for getting successful in blogging.

Content Creation

The first and most important think in blogging is creating content. Because people will come to you blog for learning so if there is no content which is going to help them they will leave your blog instantly and result will be high bounce rate.

content creation tips
You can understand the value of quality content. There are few thing which you should follow which creating content for your blog.
1. Create Awesome Headings
The first thing which is going to attract your visitors is your heading they will click only if you heading will catch them. So always make sure your post heading catchy. Here are few tips which will help you to write good headings.
  • * Use numbers in your heading like 101, 9 etc because they increase CTR.
  • * Try to use odd numbers because they preform better.
  • * Avoid those words which have multipal meanings they can confuse you reader.
  • * Keep your heading less than 65 characters because google shows 65 characters only. 

You can try this upworthy challenge of 25 Headline for every post you write.

how to write great headlines

2. Writing Evergreen Content
Always try to create content which teaches others. Your content should be evergreen any one reading your article even after two to three years should think this content is for him.

Your aim should be helping your audience nothing else provide them the best content you can. Here are few tips for content creation. Make sure you always remember these while writing your blog posts.
  • * Try to create conversion in your article using You and I.
  • * Give examples and make sure your readers understand what you are trying to say.
  • * Use 5 to 7 images if needed / 1000 word content. Because posts having images gets 97% more shares.
  • * Use 3 to 5 sub headings in your article.
  • * It will be awesome if you add an infographic.
  • * Be regular at publishing but make sure you publish at same time and same day.
As content is king so always give importance to your content creation. Your aim should be helping others through your content.
3. Collect Emails 
Now its the most important part people in your email list are your real followers. There are a lot benefits on having an email list. I am going to list few of those in below points.

  • * 40% of blog revenue comes from email subscribers.
  • * They are your own property. Means you can advertise any time you want.
  • * You are doing every thing with their permission.
  • *  34% of social shares will come from email list.
  • * They are your most loyal visitors.
  • * More than 37% of blog comments come from email subscribers.

How to Build or Grow Your Email List

As from above points you can images its really important to grow your email list. below i have listed few points which will help you a lot in growing you email subscribers.
  • * Always try to offer something like a course or e-book to get an email address from your visitor.
  • * Add a popup box because it can increase your list by 2%.
  • * Add a subscribe box to the header of your blog you can check my blog as an example.
  • * Provide some checklists in the form of e-book within your posts.
  • * Add a landing page on your blog.
  • * From every 100 users 5 should subscribe to your email list.
Apply all these thing and you will see a difference in your list growth rate with in a week.


Step 5: How To Make Money Through Blogging

There are a lot of methods which you can use to monetize your blog. I have already written some article on my blog. like 17 online jobs for teens and 7 freelance writing jobs etc. Here i am going briefly discuss few of them.
Services: Once your blog is getting some decent amount of traffic you can provide any service to your audience related to your blog topic and get paid for that. For example if your blog is on programming you can make software for others.

Products: You can sell your own products on your blog. Lets say your blog is about health so now you have an opportunity to write an e-book related to health topic and sell.

Affiliate Marketing: If its not possible for you to make your own product or provide any service to you audience then you should try affiliate marketing.
In affiliate marketing instead of creating your own products you promote others products. If some one will buy that product from your affiliate you will get commission for that sale.

Advertising: This one is the easiest way to monetize your blog. You just have to place ads on your pages and when some one will click or engage with your ads you will get paid for that.

Few good platforms related to advertising are Adsense, buysellads , Infolinks , media dot net and many more you can check these advertising platforms which you can use to monetize your blog.


So if you have read this full guide now you are defiantly able to start a blog. These basics will help you in your inertial journey of blogging. Blogging requires time and hard work.
The more you put in blogging the more you will get in result.
If you have learned something new from this article let me know in the comment section. And if there is something you want to add which I may have missed do remind me so that I may update that in my next update.